Don't Let a DUI Charge Ruin Your Record

Consult a DUI attorney in New Port Richey, FL

If you're facing a DUI charge in the New Port Richey, FL area, don't hesitate to seek representation. If you want to increase your chances of having your charges dropped or reduced, you need a reputable DUI attorney on your side. Stewart & Riley can help you work through your DUI charge. You can trust our legal team to build a persuasive defense against your charge, so you can face the courtroom with confidence.

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5 penalties you might face following a DUI conviction

Florida takes DUI charges very seriously. Without the help of a reliable DUI attorney, you could find yourself dealing with multiple penalties following a conviction. Depending on the severity of your charge, you could face:

  • Mandatory enrollment in drug or alcohol programs
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • License suspension
  • Stiff fines

Reach out to Stewart & Riley today to discuss your charge with an experienced DUI defense attorney in New Port Richey, FL.